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Bearcloud Gallery and Native Cultural Center

Art Gallery or Studio

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Bearcloud has been in Sedona for over 30 years. He is not only the Artist but the owner of the business. All of the artists shown in the gallery are either Native American, local or both.

You are invited to come and visit the enchanted world of Bearcloud Gallery where mysticism meets mastery. Here your spirit will soar through visionary landscapes opening doors to magical realms. Bearcloud Gallery has been a Sedona landmark for over a quarter of a century. This year marks a milestone for the gallery when Bearcloud made the decision to expand & relocate to The Collective shopping center in the Village of Oak Creek and open a Native Cultural Center within the gallery.

The Native Cultural Center was created to honor the ancestors who settled this land eons ago. Archeologists have speculated for decades as to the meaning of the different symbols found in the pictographs and petroglyphs in the Sedona area and all of Northern Arizona. Bearcloud, along with other Native Chiefs and revered Elders guide us to consider the spiritual meanings behind the mysterious symbolism. There is a common thread found through different Native Nations, a commonality that opens the doors to realize the expressions of spirit and balance that are found through the clues left from ancestors long ago. The center features photographs of local pictographs and artifacts from the Verde Valley and Northern Arizona. Included with the photographs are explanations about the Native people discussing creation stories, important traditions, and spiritual beliefs.

A very special part of the Cultural Center is the Wisdom wall. Bearcloud has interviewed Native Wisdom keepers and Spiritual Chiefs from Indigenous tribes across the Nation. He asks them to answer one question: “What would you like the people of Earth to know?” The Wisdom wall is an ongoing project and something to watch and see how it unfolds over the coming years. This added feature will be a meaningful educational visual presentation that will be important for adults and children alike. It is very poignant for the times we live in.

Each of Bearcloud’s unique paintings tells a story based on visions that he is gifted through his Native spiritual traditions, practices and ceremonies that he preforms. Bearcloud says “It can take up to a year to accomplish one painting. In that year, what’s important is not only receiving the images from my visions, but also obtaining what’s beyond the paint.” There is a quality of light in his work that captures people’s hearts; to really appreciate that concept fully the paintings really must be viewed in person to make that special, rare, heart connection. The paintings speak to people on a very deep level causing visceral reactions. Each one is as sacred to him as a child. His art is much more than just any typical painting; they truly are catalysts for your own spiritual evolution.

A visit to Bearcloud’s gallery will take you on a very special journey through mysterious realms that few people get to experience. Bearcloud’s people call him “Wacasa Wakan“ which translates into “One who knows” as well as “Vision Seeker” meaning one who sees between the veils that separate the different dimensions, or layers of reality. As a vision seeker he explains that he is in a constant flow of an ever-shifting reality of visions. In many Native traditions it is not encouraged, and at times even forbidden to share these experiences with those outside the tribe. For Bearcloud, in his heart of hearts, he feels these sacred visions and the artistic skill to showcase those visions are the sacred gifts of his life path. These gifts come with a responsibility to help uplift humanity by sharing his gifts. He is supremely humble and filled with gratitude, realizing on a very deep level that these visions are transmitted thru him from the realms of spirit.

One of the reasons that Bearcloud’s art is felt so deeply is that his paintings embody archetypal themes that transcend time and culture. For example, the theme of balance between the masculine and feminine intrinsic energies not only encourages us to appreciate others who we may perceive as different, but also to strive for that balance within our own being. The theme of spirits in the earth, the clouds, the waters & the stars remind us that we are never alone on this earth walk and have unseen help along the way if only we would ask and pay attention. Bearcloud explains that there was a time when we could hear the elements around us and we are trying to remember that again. The theme of flow and movement remind us that we don’t live in a static universe, but one that is continually dynamic and no matter where we are in the present, the world will turn and life has the potential to begin anew with each breath we take. In his profound artistry we are constantly reminded that we are all connected not only to each other, but also to the animal nation, the plant nation, the water nation, and the sky nation. We are indeed all one.

Bearcloud meticulously chooses all of the other artists that he represents in his gallery. He explains there is a common thread with each of the artist in the gallery they all carry a certain magic. Some of the newer collections include Jane Osti, a ceramics artist who was named a National treasure of the Cherokee Nation. Award winning Navajo potter Lucy Luppe McKelvey who harvests her own clay in the traditional way and her work is shown in museums around the world. In your visit you will also find favorites like one of a kind jewelry designs from Stoneweaver, a Navajo collective of jewelers who make everything traditionally by hand and have been in business for over three decades. The Gallery still showcases the Gadomski’s amazing Kachina like Manitou sculptures, an Ojibwa tradition that truly embody the spirit of the animals they depict. The craftsmanship is guaranteed to astound you. All of our artists have a few things in common; a love of their craft, a love of Native philosophy, and a deep desire to share their magical creations with the world.

A visit to Bearcloud’s gallery is truly an experience that you will never forget. Connect on Facebook and keep an eye out for some special events they will be hosting in the near future. Located in the courtyard at The Collective 7000 HWY 179 Suite C-100. For any questions please call 928 282 4940 or email If you time it right you just might have a synchronistic meeting with Bearcloud and hear him share some magical stories that will weave a web of new worlds for your spirit to explore.

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