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Birding Northern Arizona, LLC

Guide or Outfitter
A male Anna's Hummingbird's gorget reflects the light. – Timothy T Weber

Birding Northern Arizona, LLC (BNAZ), was established in 2016 with permits from the United States Forest Service to lead birdwatching, wildlife and nature tours in Sedona, AZ. BNAZ is fortunate to have access to over 30 trails within the Red Rock Ranger District such as the historic Munds Wagon Trail, lengthy Bear Mountain Trail, and the beautiful Allen's Bend Trail along Oak Creek. We also visit gorgeous natural areas including Stoneman Lake, Wet Beaver and West Clear Creeks, and iconic birding areas like the Page Springs Fish Hatchery and Sedona Wetlands. In 2019, BNAZ will expand its tour capabilities to the Grand Canyon, the National Forest surrounding Flagstaff, and several other State Parks, providing the client with wildlife viewing opportunities throughout the region.

Areas of Service and Expertise

BNAZ is a company of customer service experts. We provide a full service experience, including round-trip transportation, equipment, gourmet food and beverages, and knowledgeable and friendly guides.

BNAZ's local guides are outdoor enthusiasts and experienced field ecologists, who emphasize customer service. As the owner/operator, I have an M.S. in Wildlife Management, over a decade of experience studying birds and wildlife, another decade in the service industry serving tables at fine dining restaurants, and a life full of experiences hiking, skiing, biking, camping, and existing out-of-doors.

Eco-Friendly Notes

BNAZ is a conservationists' organization at heart. The more we can teach people to respect wildlife and the environment, the better we are able to conserve it for future generations. BNAZ practices leave no trace ethics, and because we are using the regional trail systems extensively, try to pick up garbage along the way. Basically, we hope to leave the area in better condition than when we arrived.

Pet Friendly Notes

Unfortunately, dogs and birdwatching are NOT a good mix, so my trips are limited to people of all ages.

Types of Experiences and Trips Provided

BNAZ customizes every tour to the clients desires, taking into account the duration, skill level, and fitness level of the client. In general, we offer 3 hour, half day, and full day tours, which includes a knowledgable and charismatic guide, equipment, food and beverages, incredible scenery, wonderful wildlife, a picnic, and lots of fun. The geology and red rocks in Sedona provides a backdrop like no other, but the region is also rich in wildlife, including hundreds of birds, mammals, lizards, dragonflies and butterflies.

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