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ChocolaTree Organic Oasis Garden Sanctuary

Garden or Arboretum
Front Entrance – Jen Marie

ADA Accessibility Notes

ADA accessible.

Take a deep breathe as you walk into a fruitful garden where healthy trees, vines, flowers, veggies, fruits, berries and herbs are growing. Throughout spring and summer our Garden Sanctuary at ChocolaTree is in full flourish.

We have planted Apples, Pears, Almonds, Pistachios, Figs, Peaches, Kiwis, Many Berries including Goji Berries, Raspberry, Blueberry, Golden Raspberry, Blackberry and Strawberries.

You may arrive to the Garden Sanctuary and be pleasantly welcomed by a local musician playing guitar as they take you just beyond bliss with their soulful melody. Beyond the swaying trees and fresh air is Thunder Mountain.

Be prepared to be served from the Infamous ChocolaTree Organic Oasis full menu featuring all plant base eats. Creatively crafted and inspired by nature. Relax in one of the hammocks or meditate near to our Shiva Lingam Stone (more on the Lingams below) In the Oasis you will feel like you entered the portal to "The Sedona Vortex." As many locals of Sedona refer to it.

We began planting the garden in 2007 on what was then barren land with the aspiration to create a space of love, inspired by Anastasia (Ringing Cedars Series, Vladimir Megre), what has been created from this inspiration is a flourishing desert Oasis.

The soil was not trucked in from a more fortunate soil rich area but rather, created from scratch using organic kitchen compost mixed with local horse manure, tree leaves, grass cuttings, anything organic we could get our hands on. The Sedona locals would drop their kitchen scraps and ChocolaTree Organic Oasis would contribute the tops off carrots, zucchini peels, lettuce butts to make up the remaining fodder.

A little about the planting/gardening style:

For the most optimal growth we regularly apply effective micro organisms to assure they have all the helpful "goodies" for their enrichment. We plant organic and heirloom to continue to honor the natural ways of our precious Earth Mother.

Each tree, shrub, seed and plant has been planted with nurturing intention for a bright community and health for our future generations. We truly supporting the vision ChocolaTree holds dear and true:


We see a World of natural beauty where every child is born into a domain with clean air, pure water and their very own garden growing fresh foods in a splendid paradise!

We all play a part in nurturing this Vision together as we make conscious choices that honor ourselves, the planet and each other.

Pet Friendly Notes

Service animals are welcome in the garden on leash.

Recreational Opportunities

The Garden Oasis dotted with dining tables for most sized groups, lounge dining, hammocks, hula-hoops, aerial silks, walkways trough the luscious growing fauna, a large stone table for parties of 15-20, a sandy area with child toys and running water in the 2 floral filled water features.

Walk from the parking lot through the back gates covered in night blooming jasmine and honeysuckle where you will be welcomed by ChocolaTree Organic Oasis staff ready to seat you at one of our dining tables or lounge sofas or stools around the shared family table.

Whether you are desiring a bit of introspective peace and quiet or want to celebrate a special occasion ChocolaTree Organic Oasis is a prime location for you to retreat or celebrate and ponder life's beauty.

We are tucked far enough away from the hustle and bustle yet easily accessible for group, family, partner or individual outings.

We have held many events in the garden, mothers forums with children, workshops, ceremonies, business meetings and educational forums on gardening, food, community, our environment, held political Q&A, conferences and festivities for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, you name it.


In our garden and in our dining area are 2 standing shiva lingams. We said yes to being Intent holders for the Peace Across the Planet Project, twice. The Lingams are far more than symbols for peace, they are living stone beings grounding into mother earth and tapping into the cosmos, connecting us all with the rhythms of the divine.



No purchase necessary to enjoy our garden Sanctuary, feel free to read, rest, play, sing, meditate or just relax in our Garden Sanctuary.

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