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Creative Gateways

Art Gallery or Studio
Creative Gateways Exterior

Imagine an artist’s community where the cross-pollination of ideas is actively fostered, creativity is nourished and spontaneous collaborations flourish. This is the essence and intention behind Creative Gateways. Unique in Sedona, with both working studio and gallery space, visitors walking through the door often remark that they can almost viscerally feel a living creative hum.

Open to all, and visitors are welcome to drop in at any time to meet the artists and engage with the creative process. The gallery space showcases the innovative and lively work that results from this very special environment. You can even stir your own creative fires by taking part in one of their monthly classes.

The stunning space houses artists working across diverse mediums including watercolor, mixed media, ceramic and fused glass. Current studio artists include Pilisa Rainbow Lady, Terry and Marika Israelson, Meg Munro and Michael and Sumati Colpitts.

Terry Israelson has been a working artist for over 35 years. He is renowned for the intricacy of his woodwork and fine art furniture, creating custom pieces for clients. Now working in glass, his artwork continues to reflect his unique view of the world. He is often stimulated by small details around him that he then translates visually connecting his initial inspiration in an unexpected manner to a larger abstract piece. His pieces have a wild organic feel and are labeled with mysterious names, removing the possibility of a preconceived notion regarding the meaning of the piece that is a derivative of the title. From his perspective, this way his collectors can allow their imagination to flow into the piece unfettered. From stunning bowls and wall pieces to light sconces and custom architectural elements there is an intriguing sense of spontaneity in his work.

Michael Colpitts could easily be called an explorer of all things. A devout meditator, he has traveled the globe studying both the external and internal world. His ongoing journey of discovery is translated into his work both as a mixed media painter and a ceramic sculptor. Though he is working in vastly different mediums, viewers can feel his unparalleled voice in each piece beckoning the viewer within.

His abstract mixed media paintings vibrate with energy, and contain a sense of richness and depth that is created by his use of materials. As he works, the painting’s dimensions are created through gesso, fabrics and papers, light charcoal, modeling paste, grog, sand, thick oil colors, acrylic washes and transparent oil washes to create a lovely, luminescent quality.

Sumati Colpitts’ ceramic pieces cut to the essence of her subjects. Renowned for her lifelike sculptures of animals that inspire and delight, she deftly captures her subjects personalities. Working from images to create animals that dynamically engage with the viewer is a challenge that she tackles wholeheartedly. As a trained massage therapist she posses an acute sense of touch; textures and patterns speak to her as she works the clay. Essentially she follows the “wisdom of her hands” as she works allowing it to guide her as she brings her pieces to life. Her elephants, beavers, bunnies and more are full of motion as they all seem to cavort within the gallery space.

Pilisa Rainbow Lady brings the myriad of her experiences to her ever-evolving work. Born deeply sensitive to the different layers of reality she experienced visions as a child and “just knew things.” After a successful career in technology, she founded and was the Board Chair of Ringing Rocks Foundation where she worked with indigenous healers around the world for fifteen years. Here she was able to delve deeply into many of her childhood experiences and now she translates her visions into luminous creations that echo both her life experience the ever-changing nature of glass itself. She has worked across multiple mediums including fiber art, painting, and ceramics but found her passion when she began working in in fused glass.

Marika Israelson was immersed in the visual language of value and contrast during her formative years; both of her parents are artists. Her work vibrates with an inner vitality and a profound sense of exploration. You can feel her eagerness to expand the boundaries of what is possible as you gaze upon her pieces. She loves the experimental nature of glass, how it feels like a dance between her initial inspiration and the innate nature of the materials, the resulting pieces take on a unique life of their own.

Meg Munro is known for her signature glowing images, she uses the grisaille method from the Masters of the Renaissance period where the underlayer is a value painting: a scale of dark to light. Then transparent pure color is layered carefully on top without disturbing the underlying paint. Spirituality, healing and the connection of art with the divine intertwine in Meg Munro’s richly intricate work. Her work is in both public and private collections internationally including Saks 5th Avenue in Fort Meyers and Orlando Florida. She has also been exhibited at the Peter Gray Museum in Puerto Vallarta.

The gallery is a member of the prestigious Sedona Gallery Association and holds lively receptions on the 1st Friday of each month form 5-8pm.



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