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Greg Lawson's "Passion for Place" Image Gallery

Art Gallery or Studio

Greg Lawson's “Passion for Place” gallery houses an exclusive image collection unlike any other. The gallery features an ever-changing exhibition of Sedona, Southwest, and global images produced by Greg Lawson, a historical natural history and place-oriented photographic artist.

The world of photography has proliferated from a handful of eager participants in the days of film production, to millions of persons taking it up as a serious pursuit since the digital revolution eased a greater participation. Greg Lawson represents a vanishing breed of legacy photographers who mastered the techniques of film before digital cameras were invented and of large and medium format cameras long before the sweeping digital conversion.

What is rapidly becoming a bygone era, however, still has traceable roots at Greg Lawson Galleries in Sedona. Visitors will experience the vision of naturalist/photographer Greg Lawson whose 50 years behind the lens has yielded award-winning images created in a worldwide field. Lawson's work depicting wildlife, landscapes and international destinations is noted for inviting viewers into the image as if they are with him on location.

Light is the core value for most visual artists and every Greg Lawson image is conceived and executed exclusively by the use of available light. A strong sense capturing the place and its reality has been another hallmark of Greg’s productions throughout the decades. Together these elements serve as the foundation for his bound and framed collectible art presentations. Whether the portrayal is strong or simple, the spirit of an independent artist is present in every image ─ and there are always 200 unique images on display.

Located in a courtyard setting, the spacious gallery in West Sedona provides a sanctuary place to slow down, connect with nature, and enjoy the spice of light secured for history through Lawson's enduring relationship with the land and its creatures.

Visitors typically commit an hour or two for a purposeful visit. With the presence of a focused museum the Sedona location of Greg Lawson Galleries serves as an inspiring photographic art center, gift shop with books and related miscellany, and place for education provided by Lawson and other instructors.

Whether the search is for strong Sedona images or a specific foreign place, Greg Lawson Galleries represents one of the largest collections of independently produced photographic art to be found anywhere.

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