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Iron Horse Rides EagleRider Sedona

Retreat or Activity

Iron Horse Rides EagleRider Sedona creates unique experiences unlike anything I’ve seen with a “spin” on healing and therapy. We planned an Egyptian themed healing session. Our healing session involves a Harley tour of the vortexes. It’s an amazing experience to feel the wind on your face and the ground your energy out there on a bike. Not to mention, we had a selection of brand new bikes to ride. There are over a dozen sets of Egyptian Healing Rods containing our choice of amber, crystals, quartz or meteorite rods to choose from and interchange throughout the healings. We were able to choose from a Daughters of Isis Meditation, Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Energy Healing or a Pyramid Power Charge Healing. It’s was an amazing, opening experience. Even without the rods at home, I learned new ways to ground my energy recharge. It was beautiful. We all enjoyed ourselves. I haven’t seen anything like it available anywhere else.


9-5 Wednesdays through Mondays

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