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Psychic Readings by Nirup

Holistic Health
Nirup, Psychic/Spiritual Counselor/Teacher

Thousands of people over the years have visited Nirup in Sedona Arizona, to receive healing, spiritual development, and guidance in all areas of their life.

Over 12 years ago, Nirup developed a very unique process called ‘Sedona Inner Knower Process’. This technique has been life changing for thousands of her clients. Nirup’s ‘Sedona Inner Knower Process’ allows her to go further than the average psychic in Sedona; in guiding her clients in their inner growth, and helping them to find answers and solutions within themselves.

The ‘Sedona Inner Knower Process’ is a tool that clients can take away from their sessions, to use in everyday life. This process can be used to support them in many areas of life.

Such as, career, relationships, finances, health, wellness, family matters, and important decision making. As well as to clear away old thoughts, patterns and beliefs for healing and moving forward in life. The ‘Sedona Inner Knower Process’ can be learned by anyone at any age, and helps to develop one’s own intuition and higher knowing.

Due to the power of this unique technique ‘Sedona Inner Knower Process’ Nirup has created workshops, spiritual healing retreats and individual training, where individual can learn to use this technique personally, in their careers in communication with others, and those in the health and wellness professions.

For those people coming to Sedona who are seeking more in-depth spiritual work, Nirup offers private and group trainings in Spiritual Awakening, covering the ‘Sedona Inner Knower Process’, Intuitive and Psychic Development, Meditation and Energy Healing. These trainings are set in-doors and out on the land, allowing the power and beauty of Sedona’s energies to assist her students in their meditation, personal and spiritual growth.


About Nirup

Nirup is known as one of Sedona’s long time resident Psychics and Spiritual teachers, and is sought out by the locals as well as those who come to visit.

Nirup set out on her own personal and spiritual journey over 28 years ago. She began developing her unique abilities while traveling extensively around the world experiencing various cultures, and other power spots such as Palenque Mexico, Tikal in Guatemala, sacred spots in Bali, Indonesia, Thailand.

Eventually she settled in India for several years, studying in a Spiritual Mystery School. She trained in advanced spiritual awakening techniques in healing, meditation and psychic and intuitive development.



  • Nirup is a member of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce.
  • Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association (Vice President).
  • Healing Touch Professionals.


  • Owned a Meditation and Healing Center in Canada
  • On the panel of the Sedona Psychic Show – Live Internet TV Show
  • KASAM Radio - Interviewed
  • Wrote a weekly column in the Sedona Red Rock News – Tuning in with Nirup
  • Published a number of articles for magazines, Body and Soul, Four Corners and Internet Website Magazines.
  • Published CD’s, DVD’s, Books, and a number of trainings in Personal and Spiritual Development.
  • Tour Guide with Earth Wisdom Jeep Tours

Nirup offers sessions in person, and long distance all over the world.

Eco-Friendly Notes

I encourage my clients and students to not only appreciate the beauty and unique energies of Sedona but also to be mindful in honoring and respecting the land, it's sacred spots and vegetation. When out on the land remember what you bring out on the land, you should leave with.


9:30 am - 6:30 pm

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All Year Round

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