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Sedona Soul Integration

Retreat or Activity
Sedona Soul Integration Debra Emmanuelle – McShep Art Studios

Sedona and the surrounding area is a Mecca for personal healing, spiritual inspiration and growth, and education and enlightenment. Now more than ever before, people from all four corners of the globe, including our own community members, are looking to better understand themselves and their place in this world. Debra Emmanuelle, at Sedona Soul Integration will help you to create your own personalized or group healing experience, whether it be one two-hour session, a class or workshop on the topic(s) of your choice, or a full week-long, personalized retreat designed specifically to take you to your next level of growth and healing.

Join the ever-growing number of Debra's clients who are saying, “I never thought that anything like this was even possible!”

For more information and testimonials, please visit Debra's website:

Eco-Friendly Notes

With a Master's degree in Sustainability Leadership, Debra understands that until we strengthen our connection with Mother Earth and learn how to partner with Her, we are not able to manifest our true Potential. As we restore our connection, appreciation, gratitude and love for our planet, expanding our consciousness to include all senscient beings, we become harmonized with All Life. In the process, we not only support All Life, but we support our own well-being.

Pet Friendly Notes

Because animals are often more sensitive to energy healing than many humans, this work can be extremely beneficial for pets.


Monday - Saturday, by appointment

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Year round

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