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Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking Vortex Tours

Guide or Outfitter
Three Prayerful Yogis at Bell Rock – Johanna Mosca

Johanna (Maheshvari) Mosca, Ph.D, vacationed in Sedona in 1992 on a leave of absence from a NYC High School teaching job. She fell in love with the red rocks and so enjoyed hiking and doing gentle Yoga at vortex sites that she never returned to NYC. Her poem Moved in Today expresses how she was called to Sedona--

Moved in Today

My mind’s noise
Screeches to a hum
As I leave behind
The city’s pulsing trauma,
Trading subways for switchbacks
And skyscrapers for the red rocks
That beckon me tauntingly
With their mysterious energy.
Like magnets they drew me here
Pulling up my roots—
Decades of security
Discarded like weeds—
A tender transplant that
Guided me home to Sedona
With a knowing of the heart

by Johanna Mosca

Johanna, now a retired NYC high school teacher, devotes her time to exploring energy through Yoga and the magnificent red rock vortexes of Sedona. When Johanna first arrived in Sedona, she spent fourteen months camping out in various red rock areas and doing Yoga on the rocks. To share the wonders she experienced with others, Johanna created Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking Vortex Tours and Retreats, which has now been serving Sedona for over twenty years**.**

Johanna has a gathered a team of three expert guides--Kate VrMeer, Roxanne Wessel, and Gail Clement--who also enjoy taking visitors out on the red rocks to experience the magic of the vortex energy with-or-without Yoga stretches. All Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking guides are certified Yoga instructors, knowledgeable Sedona hikers, and plant lovers, who have much to share about legends of Sedona, it's flowers and plants, and vortex energy. Johanna's guides are also experts in shamanic healing, breath of love, and essential oils.

If you are into Yoga, we can lead you on a vortex Yoga hike to a magnificent plateau with an awesome panoramic view to share a guided meditation, a gentle Yoga flow, a deep relaxation, and a Tibetan bowl sound healing. If you are not into Yoga, we can still offer you a very memorable vortex experience that will put you in touch with the vortex energy for which Sedona is famous and guide you in a heart-opening transformation.

Each tour begins with a clearing meditation, in which guests anoint each other with essential oils and are guided to release the past and access inner peace, and ends with a deep relaxation lying down on the red rocks with a sound healing using a brass Tibetan bowl on each client's heart. During the gentle walk to the vortex site, the guides always share about plants and flowers and their medicinal purposes. After asking what you have heard about the vortexes, they then share six different theories about the source of vortex energy for you to choose from. If you would like to learn about the six theories, we've included a short video of Johanna discussing the six vortex theories on our hike page at

Areas of Service and Expertise

Johanna Maheshvari is a yoga and meditation instructor, life coach, retreat leader and author. Johanna now leads Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking Retreats and offers daily red rock tours with or without Yoga. Known by the Sanskrit name Maheshvari in the Yoga world, she is a Yoga Alliance certified 500-hour ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) with more than 900 hours of Yoga certifications in methods of teaching yoga, advanced yoga therapy and meditation instruction.

Dr. Mosca has a Ph.D. in Writing Research and Theory from NYU, plus twenty-five years teaching high school English and doing educational consulting in NYC. Her longtime passion is writing and sharing her books YogaLife: 10 Steps to Freedom and Cultivate Contentment: Using Ancient Wisdom to Thrive in Today’s World. Her new book, applying the yoga principles to teen life, is about to be published—**Teen Triumph: 10 Ways to a Winning Life.** Johanna's latest passion is studying Yoga "Nidra" (Yoga Sleep), the science of relaxing the body on all levels-of-being to achieve inner restoration and total well-being. In addition to retreats and daily vortex tours, Johanna currently offers private Yoga Nidra meditation sessions.

All of this Yoga training helps Johanna guide guests on any tour to clear mental chatter, become fully present, and enter inner silence and stillness. Her extensive experience camping amid Sedona's red rocks has given her the ability to lead others to experience their awesome beauty, splendor, and uplifting energy.

Eco-Friendly Notes

We honor Mother Earth and inspire our guests to feel connected to the sacred land. Our tours and hikes are always focused on leaving "no trace" that we have visited an area and on taking great care to stay on designated trails and protect the flora and fauna. Our leaders have extensive knowledge of the history of Sedona and medicinal qualities of the plants, which we share with guests to increase their knowledge and appreciation.

Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking's Director (Johanna Maheshvari Mosca) and Assistant Director (Kate VrMeer), as well as our two other hike leaders--Roxanne Wessel and Gail Clement--are all local Sedona area residents. We are delighted to run the tour business as a local team, sharing our deep respect for the sacred land and our love of "being" in the energy of Sedona's red rock vortexes.

Pet Friendly Notes

While we don't advertise it as a regular practice because it could be distracting, we have allowed guests who were travelling with their pets to bring them along on a tour and it always worked out fine.

Types of Experiences and Trips Provided

Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking Vortex Tours and Retreats provides the following unique Sedona vortex tours and custom retreats With-or-Without Yoga Stretches:

  • 3-Hour Sedona Vortex Experience or Sacred Sites Tour to Stupa, Labyrinth, Chapel
  • 4-Hour Sedona Vortex Energy Balancing at a Feminine & Masculine Vortex
  • 5-Hour Transformational Shamanic Power Journey
  • 5-Hour Mini Yoga Retreat with picnic lunch creekside at Cathedral
  • 6-Day Ultimate Sedona and Grand Canyon Retreat
  • Self-Renewal Retreat for A Woman in Transition
  • Custom Retreats with a Menu of Activities Chosen by Guests

Now in business for over 20 years, Sedona Spirit Yoga & Hiking has been featured in Yoga Journal three times, Shape twice*, Awareness, Womens' Health, Curves, Living Fit, New Age, Essence, Elle, NY Daily News, Transformative Getaways, Hooked on the Outdoors, AZ Highways* and more. Johanna and guest Yoga hikers were filmed doing Yoga on the red rocks by MTV and also featured on Good Morning AZ. For details, visit

Guest Endorsements

Two Retreats: We benefited so much from our first Sedona Spirit Yoga Retreat that we came back for another retreat within a year with two friends. Both retreats were very rewarding and have given us the tools for relaxing, looking inward and getting more in touch with ourselves. It’s been a true learning experience that has changed our lives for the better. Dan and Karen Gallistel

Best Birthday Hike: The most amazing experience ever!!! Kate was a great guide and it was my birthday and I believe the best birthday present I could ever have been given. I will definitely be returning for many more events and recommend this to all of my friends. Kelly Hartt

Breathtaking Beauty: The breathtaking beauty of the landscape and the caring nature of our guide, Johanna, transformed our souls. Pictures cannot capture the joy and contentment we found in Sedona, an experience that will stay with us forever. Denise & Tammy

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