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The Relationship Oracle

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Barbara J. Kimbro

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Indoor activities are ADA accessible. Outdoor activities can be modified upon request.

Weddings, Vow Renewals, Retreats for Individuals & Couples, Coaching & Consultations

Your Love Matters! Join Reverend Barbara J. Kimbro in an array of services she offers in the Red Rock country of Sedona, an area of beauty & grace, that inspires us to surrender to love and come 'home' to truth that resides in our heart!

Here are some suggestions from Rev. Barbara that she designed, to help you profess your love for another, as well as profess the love you have for yourself:

1. Pre-Nuptial Commitment Ceremonies

2. Weddings Ceremonies - Non-Denominational. Celebrating Human Diversity!

3. Vow Renewals Ceremonies

4. Couples Counseling for enhanced communication skills and Relationship Coaching

5. Retreats for Individuals, Enhancing Your Relationship with Yourself

6. Couples Retreats, Enhancing Your Relationship with Each Other

7. Sacred Excursions - A Recommitment To Walk Your Unique Spiritual Path

8. Hand Me Your Heart Art® - Making the Love that You Are... Visible!


You Love Each Other! There is no more powerful a statement in the universe of your relationship. That statement has withstood the test of time, in the face of perceptions and perspectives that sometime divide us... of racial profiling, age, gender biases, political preferences, sexual orientation and religious beliefs. That statement is your triumphant trumpet to the world that you want to be married, and start a lifetime of expressing your love to each other as a committed couple.


Retreats for Individuals: Focus on your personal growth and the issues you would like to heal. Each retreat is customized to you and may include time meditating and reflecting while visiting the sacred healing places of Sedona.

Retreats for Couples: Heal any wounds of emotional injuries. Solve any problems in the relationship. Seek resolutions which allow you to build and go forward in your relationship. Focus on constructing a relationship built by Love and having love as its goal. Learn to become an active listener who is receptive to your partner. Learn to be an attentive communicator who is mindful of how your words, expressions, and body language enhance your message.

As a personal growth coach, she has led couples through forgiveness work, which encourages the healings of injuries done, amplifies your underlying love, and allows you to move forward together as one.

As a spiritual counselor, she can help each of you become more connected to God, to your spiritual guide, or to your muse. She can help you enhance the presence of God in your relationship and help you realize that your relationship is rooted in God’s Love.

Couples Counseling and/or Relationship Coaching: For a one-time-only pre-nuptial alignment or a coaching program for committed long term married couples, this is an opportunity for you to heal any stumbling blocks in your relationship, improve communication, rediscover your joy in each other, and reaffirm your commitment to your relationship.

Vow Renewal Ceremonials: These allow you to restate your commitment to your spiritual growth together. Your ceremony with Rev. Barbara in the Red Rocks allows you to express your faith the way that you understand it... and honor your life-walk as you travel a path to greater personal growth and a heighten sense of what really matters in your life. Your love and light... matters!

Personal Artwork Created Just For You... Make Your Love & Light... Visible!: At the turn of the century, 'newlyweds' of high society would travel to Europe on their honeymoon, and have their hands cast in a mold that captured their beauty, grace and innocence. Hand Me Your Heart Art is Rev. Barbara's interpretation of the very same. You are lovingly invited to have her create a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art, just for you, to commemorate your wedding, or renewed vows, or your commitment to love yourself more. “Hand Me Your Heart Art”, is created on archival paper, and will last a lifetime, and can be passed on to your loved ones, as a reminder of your presence on Earth long after you have passed.

Let Reverend Barbara help you discover the truth about love.

**Guided by the principles of love, taught by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we can learn to choose peace within ourselves and within our relationships. We can learn to accept our individual and collective differences, respect the journey each of us is walking, as we strive to understand life, and as we strive to love ourselves and others unconditionally. Reverend Barbara Kimbro brings you her 'real life wisdom', her open heart, and her ability to find the light within all situations. Her skill and training helps her understand the ‘cause & effect’ created by our human behavior. With her razor sharp intuition and her effective communication skills, Reverend Barbara Kimbro helps you improve your relationship utilizing the wisdom of her 35 years of experience.

Ordained as a non-denominational minister in 2002, Reverend Barbara has been selected as the officiate for weddings and vow renewals for couples in Arizona, California, in Pennsylvania and on the other side of the world in South Africa. Let her help you create a ceremony which expresses your love, represents how you cherish each other, and honors your sacred bond with marriage.

Reverend Barbara offers 35 years of experience working with individuals who desire to be 'the very best that they can be'. She specializes in cognitive behavior, effective communication, the need for human connection and with respect, expression liberation and creative strategies for changing one's life for the better. She has a deep spirituality that is inclusive, nurturing, loving and kind, and a profound sense of humor and fun, to help you meet your heart's desire for more love in your life!

Thanks for visiting this page! Call TODAY for a free consultation about how you can declare your love for yourself... and/or... your love for another in beautiful Sedona, Arizona... with Rev. Barbara J. Kimbro!

Co-Written With: Kathryn Lee (MPJ Enterprises, LLC Copyright Protected 2015)

The Relationship Oracle is a registered Trade Name and the property of MPJ Enterprises, LLC

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