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Verde Valley Land Preservation

Verde Sunset – Doug Von Gausig

The mission of Verde Valley Land Preservation is to preserve and enhance the open space of the Verde Valley. In the twelve years since the organization of VVLP we have worked with planning directors, state agencies, federal agencies, special interest organizations and the public who all have an interest in the future of the Verde Valley and its unique environment. Through these cooperative relationships we have engaged in numerous land planning activities. Our vision is a high quality of life in a region where open space and beautiful vistas are its defining characteristics.


Verde Valley Land Preservation has collaborated with like minded organizations and generous funders to increase public awareness of our natural treasures. Examples include the creation of a riparian nature preserve and a trailhead allowing public access to a scenic trail. We also developed a Verde River paddle guide and produced a traveling art exhibition of Verde River inspired art.

A land planning tool for the Verde Valley was built by VVLP. The Overlay project uses Google Earth overlay maps to illustrate current and historical conditions on the ground and, through the expert analysis of the federal and state agencies, provides existing data encompassed in overlays of, for instance, wildlife corridors, riparian areas, agricultural and ranch lands, existing trails, ownership of parcels and cultural and historic areas. The goal is to use this information to prioritize possible acquisitions for open space and to assist in planning as communities grow.

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