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White Light Crystals, Books and Angels


ADA Accessibility Notes

Wheel chair friendly.

BEST PRICES on Crystal,Gemstone and Bookstore. We also do Oden Reiki. Oden Reiki is a powerful spiritual healing technique. It works by tuning into any kind of dark or heavy pattern rotating in our aura, and rather than pulling the energy pattern out and throwing it away, Oden Reiki matches the frequency of such energy, then surpasses its frequency and then shatters it. Much in the same way a singer hits a high note and shatters a glass. In easy terms, Oden Reiki is instant in its results to purify the Aura, or Life Force Energy Field of anyone or anything. Within minutes the offending energy pattern no longer exist as it was, it has been shattered to raw energy and this in turn can cause drastic and immediate changes.

Pet Friendly Notes

Pet friendly.


11:30 am -6:30pm

Seasons Open

year round

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